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Mindful Monk

Gift Box

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Send a half dozen of our deliciously satisfying Functional Fudge to the chocolate lover in your life. Available in Perfectly Peanut or Almond Almighty.

Our chocolate squares are naturally low in sugar, filling and satisfying leaving you feeling better than ever.

Gifting chocolates says I love you, and gifting Mindful Monk Functional Fudge says I care about you too!

(Final weight of product is approximate as each piece is handcrafted with care)


Nutritional Information

Storage Recommendations

*Please Keep Refrigerated

Our functional fudges are handmade with natural ingredients. Here are our storage recommendations:

  • Ambient room temperature (22˚C/71.6˚F): 3 month
  • Refrigeration (4˚C/40˚F): 6 months
  • Freezer (-18˚C/4˚F): Up to 2 years*

*Store in its original packaging and defrost in the refrigerator to ensure no drastic changes to temperature.

*Recommendations are here to help you maximize our keto snacks and its natural ingredients benefits at its fullest.