Mindful Monk

About Us

How it All Began

During my pregnancies, I had gestational diabetes, requiring me to rely on insulin and adhere to a restricted diet with my firstborn. This experience made me obsessed with the impact of food on one's health. I read countless books, listened to hundreds of podcasts and even reached out to experts to gain as much knowledge as possible. With my second child, I was determined to manage my recurring diabetes through mindful eating, using the power of food as a tool for self-healing. And it worked!

However, my path took an unexpected turn shortly after the birth of my second daughter when I encountered a near-death experience due to severe hemorrhaging. Waking up with a new purpose in life, I realized I had survived so I could help and serve others. Drawing from my journey, I decided to share a snack I had created to satisfy my sweet tooth during my battle with diabetes. I believe if it helped me, it could help others too.

Every day, 640 Canadians are diagnosed with diabetes, equating to one person every three minutes. This is a powerful reminder of the urgency to make a difference in our lives. I am driven to share my experiences with others that we can embrace functional and delicious food.

Through my work, I aim to spread awareness and provide a solution for those seeking a mindful approach to snacking habits. I hope to empower individuals to make positive choices for themselves.

Our Core Values

Driven by our core beliefs, we emphasize three key principles in our products: functionality, taste, and feeling good afterwards. We firmly believe that food should not only nourish the body but also taste good and leave a lasting sense of well-being. With our sights set on global impact, we are on a mission to make our healthy dark chocolate snacks accessible to individuals worldwide, empowering them to harness the healing potential of food.

Mindful Monk values transparency, health and wellness, and our customers. We want our chocolate snacks to fit into your lifestyle with ease. These are the perfect snack if you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet or if you have cut out all refined sugars.