Mindful Monk

About Us

How it All Began

My journey began in 2015 when I was six months pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I’m not alone. In Canada, 1 in 10 mothers experiences diabetes while pregnant. My only craving at the time was for ice cream, and I ate copious amounts, which caused my glucose levels to spike. As a result, I was put on a restricted diet and given medication that I had to inject daily into my stomach.

Two years later, I was always tired, had brain fog, and still carrying the extra baby weight I gained. I then realized that everything came down to what I was eating. So, I changed our family's lifestyle and removed all refined sugars and highly processed foods from our diet. This one change started my obsession with learning everything I could about how food affects our health.

With my second pregnancy, I applied the knowledge I gained and learned how to use food to manage my glucose levels and had an AHA moment when I realized this too worked. And what satisfied my cravings this time was a version of functional fudge I created that tasted delicious, kept me satiated and most importantly – didn’t spike my glucose levels.

Over 28.4M Canadians have prediabetes/diabetes or are obese, and the number continues to rise. The reason is that most packaged foods on store shelves are made with added sugars and refined carbs. That's when I decided I had to do something, and the solution – my chocolate! These fudge like snacks allowed me to stay on track without compromising my health goals, and I knew if it helped me, it could help others too!

Now my family, team, and I are doing our best to craft functional snack foods that are good for your body, mind, and lifestyle. Our mission is to continue using clean, all-natural ingredients and Monk Fruit juice to sweeten our products. We want each bite of our healthy chocolate snacks to be guilt-free!

Our Core Values

We started Mindful Monk because our mission is to help people make better nutrition choices to lead healthier, happier, and longer lives. We do this by carefully crafting snack products with nutritionally valuable ingredients such as good fats and natural monk fruit juice. Mindful Monk understands the power of food to heal your body and mind. That is why we will never compromise on the quality of our ingredients or the integrity of our products.

Mindful Monk values transparency, health, and your opinion. We want our chocolate snacks to fit into your lifestyle with ease. They are great for LCHF or vegan lifestyles or if you need a keto treat or are trying to cut out sugar.