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Mindfully Made Chocolates

Feel Good About Treating Yourself

At Mindful Monk, we want you to experience guilt-free snacking that's good for you. We are passionate about selecting clean ingredients that leave you feeling good afterwards. Our chocolate squares make snacking easy and keep you fuller longer with the perfect balance of healthy fats, protein and fibre. Made with all natural ingredients, these delicious treats are great for every lifestyle.

Naturally Sweetened

What Is Monk Fruit?

Monk Fruit, aka Luo Han Guo, is a small round fruit found in China and Southeast Asia. Once ripe, the fruit is harvested and immediately crushed to separate the juices. The juice is then put through a water extract to separate the mogrosides. Mogrosides are the antioxidant compound that gives Monk Fruit extract its sweetness and is up to 200 times sweeter than refined sugar. Since this superfood sweetener is so potent, a little bit goes a long way, making it essentially 0 calories and 0 carbs. Check our our blog here to learn more.

Want to reduce the amount of sugar in your life one chocolate at a time? Then you will want to try our chocolate snacks sweetened with pure Monk Fruit juice.


Hear From Our Customers


I am all about tasty treats that are made out of nourishing and pure ingredients! Thank you Alice for bringing this much needed product to the market! You are doing the world such a huge favour.


Delicious! I am always looking for treats that are an indulgence but still good for my body! I am a mom of four, living a low carb/keto life-style and these little snacks have been perfect.


This fudge is so delicious! There aren't many wellness products that don't have that 'wellness' taste to it but this is one of them. I highly recommend it.

Mindful Monk

Made With You In Mind

Eating well is the foundation of good health. We source the cleanest, natural ingredients to create functional foods with your health and happiness in mind. Here at Mindful Monk, you are our priority! That's why we developed our chocolate snacks to suit your lifestyle so you can feel good inside and out.


    We make our products with nutrient-rich ingredients like healthy fats, fibre, and protein, which help you stay fuller for longer. Say goodbye to multiple trips to the snack bin and hello to satiating your hunger. We are helping you create healthier habits with ease with our delicious chocolate snacks.


    Both fat and carbs are sources of fuel our bodies need to thrive. Our functional fudge fuels your body with healthy fats, giving you a boost of energy when you need it most. Plus, our chocolates are packed with polyphenols, minerals and vitamins and are a delicious fat source for those on a vegan or plant-based diet.


    Looking for a snack or sweet treat that won’t compromise your health goals? You’ve found it. Rather than being tempted by conventional chocolates, chips or granola bars that make you hungry again an hour later, indulge in our mindfully made healthy chocolate snack filled with thoughtful ingredients that leave you feeling good.


Each ingredient is carefully selected for its great taste and well-known health benefits. We list our ingredients so you can feel good about each bite you take. Clean and simple, perfect for keto, low-carb, plant-based or vegan lifestyles. Click an icon to learn more about what goes into our chocolates.

  • Organic Cocoa Powder

  • Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate

  • MCT Powder

  • Organic Oat Fibre

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