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Mindful Monk

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Squares – Multi-Pack

Indulge in Our Decadent Natural Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Guilt-Free!

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Attention all hazelnut enthusiasts! Introducing our latest addition to the collection of monk fruit sweetened dark chocolate squares. Experience the divine delight of our decadent, creamy creation that evokes the essence of a hazelnut truffle. Prepare to be amazed by its low sugar goodness—yes, it's that incredible. Enjoy every guilt-free moment to the fullest!

Our favourite Mindful Monk rituals include:

  • Pairing with your favourite drink (coffee, tea, water, or wine)
  • Eating it as a 3 PM snack to hold you over until dinner
  • Adding it to the end of your meal for dessert
  • Using as a keto fat bomb / keto snack to increase your daily fat intake
  • Breaking fast and fueling your body with good fats

Discover the harmonious blend of monk fruit sweetened, dark, plant-based chocolate—an all-natural, healthy indulgence that will exceed your expectations.

*20 and 30 pieces are packaged in bulk packs
(Final weight of product is approximate as each piece is handcrafted with care)

    Pack Size

    Nutritional Information

    A Healthy Choice For Your Daily Snacking

    Are you looking for better nutrition choices? If you are ready to make eating well a part of your practice, you are at the right place! Try our Functional Fudge Squares. Our snacks are made from natural ingredients and packed with good fats and low carbs to curb your hunger.

    INGREDIENTS (English)

    Natural hazelnut butter, Cocoa butter*, Cocoa mass*, Cocoa powder*, Natural hazelnuts, MCT powder* (fractionated coconut oil*, acacia fibre*), Oat fibre*, Vanilla extract*, Monk fruit juice concentrate, Himalayan pink salt. *Organic
    Contains: Tree nuts May Contain: Peanuts, Almonds, Gluten


    Beurre de noisette naturel, Beurre de cacao*, Mass de cacao*, Poudre de cacao*, Poudre TCM* (huile de coco fractionnée*, fibre d’acacia*), Noisette naturelles, Fibre d’avoine*, Concentré de jus de fruits de moine, Extrait de vanilla*, Sel rose de l’Himalaya. *Biologique
    Contient: Noix Peut Contenir: Arachides, Amandes, Gluten

    Nutritional Facts

    Eat Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

    3 Great Reasons These Will Help Satisfy Your Cravings

    Packed With Nutrients To Curb Your Cravings

    Calm your cravings naturally with our perfectly sweetened blend of good fats, fibre, and protein. We carefully crafted our Functional Fudge with clean natural ingredients so that you can feel good during and after you eat our snacks. With 16 g of healthy fats, and up to 4 g of protein and fibre per square, you’ll feel energized and satiated for up to two hours. Who knew eating well could taste so good?

    Sweetened With Pure Monk Fruit Juice

    We are proud to be the first in beautiful British Columbia to sweeten our handcrafted chocolates with pure Monk Fruit juice. We love this superfood sweetener for its natural antioxidant properties and great taste. You’ll love that it is safe for all ages to consume, has minimal effect on your glucose or insulin levels and has essentially 0 calories or carbs.

    Crafted For Your Lifestyle

    We know first-hand that eating minimally processed whole foods can leave you feeling good inside and out. And we want to support you by providing food choices that can lead to happier, healthier, and longer lives. So we made sure that all the healthy snacks we crafted could suit any lifestyle. Our products are low carb and packed with good fats for those who live a LCHF, keto or diabetic lifestyle. Right now, all our products are made with plant-based ingredients that are perfect for those leading plant-based or vegan lifestyles. Or, if you are simply looking to minimize your sugar intake, we are here for you too!

    Storage Recommendations

    These Chocolates Require Refrigeration

    Our chocolates are handmade with natural ingredients. Here are our recommendations for maximizing product quality and appearance:

    • Ambient room temperature (22˚C/71.6˚F): 30 days
    • Refrigeration (4˚C/40˚F): 9 months
    • Freezer (-18˚C/4˚F): Up to 2 years*

    *Store in its original packaging and defrost in the refrigerator to ensure no drastic changes to temperature.

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