Mindful Monk

Customer Praise

“This fudge is so delicious! There aren't many wellness products that don't have that 'wellness' taste to it but this is one of them. I highly recommend it. YUM YUM YUM!”

Jared Byrne, Owner, Pop Queen Cardio

“Fat fudge takes care of me so that I may take care of my family and patients. As a proud health care provider, mother, partner, and individual I serve myself and others. Not having time to eat a full meal at the time that is needed, I find myself STARVING and always searching for something to put me back in the green. Food these days that are fast and easy either are not healthy or not filling enough. Fat Fudge checks all the boxes. You’ll be HOOKED cause I sure am. The selection is quite simple because it truly speaks for itself and most importantly it’s made by someone who truly leads with love, truth, and care for a healthier future.”

Amy Grifal, Partner, Mother, and Registered Massage Therapist

“I am all about tasty treats that are made out of nourishing and pure ingredients! Thank you Alice for bringing this much needed product to the market! You are doing the world such a huge favour.”

Katherine Masters, Naturopathic Doctor

Delicious! I am always looking for treats that are an indulgence but still good for my body! I am a mom of four, living a low carb/keto life-style and these little snacks have been perfect. Rich, decedent taste, perfect size and best of all no strange aftertaste! They cut cravings and leave me feeling satisfied!

Thank you Alice for bringing such a fantastic product to market!

Justyna Tchorni, stay at home mompreneur

“Amazing! I'm so appreciative that my coworker introduced me to Fat Fudge. Cut my craving for sweets and kept me fuelled for work.”

Deanna Motzek, Registered Massage Therapist

"When it comes to Fat Fudge, you can really have your cake and eat it. I was absolutely blown away when I found out this rich and velvety treat was low carb friendly. As a low carb enthusiast, this was very exciting news for me. Rarely do I get to enjoy such a divine treat without the guilt of consuming refined sugars and spiking my insulin. Honestly, Fat Fudge is hands down one of the most delicious chocolates I've tasted and I can't wait to get my hands on more!”

Brian Carew, Movement Flow Instructor, Respiratory Therapist, Carnivore, Spiritual vagabond

“I love Fat fudge because it works well for my diet and needs. I am a pretty busy guy first thing in the morning between 6am and 10am so having a snack like Fat Fudge that's healthy and tastes really good is awesome. If I feel a bit of hunger or energy loss I just eat a piece and I'm good til next break. Great product with great ingredients that I would give to my kids.”

Aaron Grey, Construction Supervisor, rad dad, avid mountain biker

I don’t just heart Fat Fudge, I loooooove it! I travel a lot with work, and in general I live a very busy lifestyle, as most people do nowadays. The only thing consistent in my day that I can count on is a 3pm hunger, and a constant craving for sweets. This really puts a kink in my day, but this is also why I love Fat Fudge. I can count on it to kick my cravings and stomp out hunger when I need it most. It helps me to keep going and perform, and the best of all is I don’t feel guilty eating it. It’s a life saver and a game changer to accomplishing any nutritional goal, and just simply to enjoy life. I don’t have to sacrifice taste, quality, nutrition or my sanity to get me through my day. So thank you Fat Fudge for tasting amazing and taking care of me!

Danielle Lemoine, A health conscious sales rep and full time working mom