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Mindful Monk Canada

Monk Fruit + Dark Chocolate Cold Shipping Medium Box

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During the warmer months (June - September), our monk fruit + dark chocolates can melt by the time they reach their destination. To avoid this, we suggest adding cold shipping to your cart and selecting express shipping.

Cold Shipping - Medium Box is perfect for:
- Two or more 5, 10, 15 Packs

What's included:
Cold Packs - 3 oz (non-toxic and reusable)
Cold Packs - 6 oz (non-toxic and reusable)
- Insulated Box Liners - 12 x 10 x 9"

Nutritional Information

Storage Recommendations

*Please Keep Refrigerated

Our functional fudges are handmade with natural ingredients. Here are our storage recommendations:

  • Ambient room temperature (22˚C/71.6˚F): 3 month
  • Refrigeration (4˚C/40˚F): 6 months
  • Freezer (-18˚C/4˚F): Up to 2 years*

*Store in its original packaging and defrost in the refrigerator to ensure no drastic changes to temperature.

*Recommendations are here to help you maximize our keto snacks and its natural ingredients benefits at its fullest.